BLACKSTONE...The Judicial System is a case management system for limited and general jurisdiction courts, federal courts, foreign courts and courts of special jurisdiction. It was developed by CMC Software who provide on-going maintenance, customization, enhancements and support by experienced judicial professionals.

BLACKSTONE is a complete system which, along with case management, includes an accounting module which meets and exceeds GAP requirements, a forms generation module and ad-hoc reporting capability via Image/SQL. BLACKSTONE is a "user-friendly" system which is easy to operate cutting down on training costs and start up time. Designed in a modular fashion it allows for user customization through the extensive use of tables (scheduled events, filings, fees, ticklers, sentences, etc.). A complete audit trail is kept of all user activity (additions, modifications, deletions, access by when/where/who) for reporting. Strict security is maintained at all levels allowing supervisors to restrict access by program, case type, section or function.

BLACKSTONE's Judge's Module enable close review of each judge's daily calendar from their chambers or on the bench. The calendar is formatted to each judge's preference fulfilling their unique requirements. Modifications can be made by the judge's staff at the last minute if necessary. A future calendar can be viewed or printed, in summary or in detail, with a count of scheduled events by group and a total of events scheduled per day.

BLACKSTONE interfaces with and integrates the latest in proven technology including, but not limited to:

  • Internet/Intranet

  • Networking

  • Client/Server

  • Imaging

  • Optical Disk

  • Electronic Filing

  • Interactive Voice Recognition

  • Video Conferencing

  • Computer Output to Laser Disk