Current Projects

Federal Court Case and Document Management:

We developed a custom solution for a Federal Court that includes a client/server case management application to track cases along with the documents filed, to maintain the official court docket and to schedule and manage the court calendar. An on-line case inquiry browser allows access to the public.

Additional applications include; publishing opinions to the internet with search ability, A trial scheduling system for the judges to help schedule court sessions by circuit, and to view their calendars via the court intranet, On-line submission of law clerk applications and the management of those job applications, on-line registration of practitioners (attorneys), and chambers workflow that enables movement of documents filed from office to chambers and back.

Current enhancements include; On-line Document Access, E-filing and E-Service.

As a part of our on-going relationship, we continue to maintain, and enhance, the current software application and develop additional modules.

Prosecutor's Office Case and Document Management:

We developed a Document Management Module (known as DMM) for Prosecutorís Offices to manage case documents. DMM captures basic case information, assigns a prosecutor(s) to a case and adds the defense attorneys. Documents are scanned into the case and added into uniquely named folders, identified as discoverable (documents can be discovered) or non-discoverable (documents excluded from discovery). New folders can be created as needed. Documents can be copied into other folders or cases. Cases can be linked together. Reports are developed in Microsoft SQL Reporting Services. A browser is included to view the cases and documents.

Discovery can be created for release to defense attorneys in paper format or on cd. A cover sheet is created for sign-off when released and non-document items can be recorded. Discovery documents can be released as they are submitted or a cumulative discovery can be released of all documents in a case. The discovery cd includes a viewer. A non-discovery cd can be created of all documents or selected documents, in searchable or non-searchable pdf format, including or excluding annotations.

Current enhancements include; CMM (a robust case management module for detailed case tracking including SQL reporting) and TPM (Trial Preparation Management module to prepare documents for trial).

State Drug Court:

We developed a Drug Court Module (known as DCM) for state courts to track cases diverted to drug court.

A drug court case is created by importing candidates or recording candidate personal information directly (referral information, education/employment history, risk/needs assessment, abuse history, medical history). Candidates criminal history is recorded and their arrest data can be imported into the case.

Detailed information on the candidateís drug use is captured, including drug use history, required treatments and attendance. Scheduled drug testing can be imported for a complete history.

The drug court module can also produce notices, schedule calendared events, record bench warrants and view the drug court calendar. Reports can be generated in MS SQL Reporting Services.